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Complete the form below to share your rainbow stories! One of our designers will turn your answers and photos in to a completed design to display in our gallery and, later down the line, we plan to create a keepsake book that we hope will act as a reminder of the kindness, hope, and togetherness that shone so brightly during these dark times.

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Three things that made me smile this week areThe best thing about my family isIf my life was a book right now, the title would beSince I've been at home, one thing I've learnt about myself isThe best thing about learning from home is

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If I could have one day out with my best friend, we wouldIf I could go anywhere in the world right now, I would goAs soon as this is over, I can't wait toIf I could change the world to make it better, I wouldIf I was in charge, I would

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When I see a rainbow, I think ofI think a rainbow would taste likeI painted a rainbow becauseIf there's something at the end of every rainbow, I think it could beIf I could make a rainbow another shape, I would make it a

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If I could send a message to the kids from my school right now, I would sayIf I could send a message to the whole world right now, I would sayIf I could send a message to myself in the future, I would sayIf I could send a message to someone who's alone right now, I would sayIf I could send a message to the emergency workers right now, I would say

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